Holiday giving

With snow in tonight’s forecast, Devereux Colorado is starting to prepare for the upcoming holiday season. Many of our kids come to us through government programs, so family involvement is usually limited. Due to the nature of the family backgrounds, the holiday season is often a very difficult time for our kiddos. However, Devereux Colorado, with the incredible help from our wonderful community, works hard to make the traditional holiday experience as genuine as possible. If you’re looking for ways to help unprivileged youth this holiday season, please email AHarden2@devereux.org. Thank you in advance!

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It’s World Mental Health Day! Mental illness and celebrate aren’t usually two words that are paired together. So why celebrate? Well, we all know someone struggling with a mental illness, whether we’re aware of it or not. All of these people in our everyday lives constantly battle something most of us take for granted- our mental health. We celebrate these people for their strength and their dedication to getting healthy. Mental health is also making headway to becoming a less taboo topic. The topic isn’t sexy, but it’s becoming increasingly less frightening and uncomfortable for most people. How can we help further alleviate the stigma attached to having a mental illness?


The more people know, the more they become comfortable with the idea. Mental illness shouldn’t be viewed as a character flaw; mental illness is a medical condition. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has a great website with a lot of great information: http://www.nami.org/template.cfm?section=about_mental_illness. Get informed!


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With leaf colors at their peak and Devereux clients already experiencing their first snowfall, Devereux Colorado is definitely in the throes of another beautiful fall. With fall comes back to school, so what are some of the changes happening at Devereux Colorado, Cleo Wallace Center? Here are some of the exciting things going on around the education wing:


Classroom projects are currently on display in the classroom wing. The theme of this months art projects: the great twist on the artistic use of crayon. Still also on display in the education wing are pieces that were done for the Devereux Colorado Summer Art Show.

Physical Education

Devereux Colorado offers physical education daily. The activities coordinators work extremely hard to create a variety of different activities for our kids. Skills, sportsmanship, exercise and teamwork are strongly encouraged and worked upon through the Devereux Colorado Physical Education Program.

Student Council

The Devereux Colorado, Cleo Wallace student council group meets on the first Tuesday of every month. Each classroom elects a representative who represents class interests at the monthly meetings and reports back on the progress being made. Devereux Colorado has created this student group as part of our mission to provide a student voice, perspective and a leadership opportunity for our kids.

Student of the Month

Devereux Colorado continues to recognize the students excelling academically through the student of the month awards. Teachers nominate students for their focused diligence, positive behavior, learning effort and overall success in school. We celebrate their success by providing recognition and a lunch a Duke’s Diner, our on campus restaurant.

Field Trips

We continue to integrate field trips into our school experience for our kids. This gives our clients the opportunity to visit local libraries, enjoy local plays and movies, journey on excursions to the mountains and attend local sports games. (Go Broncos!)


Laptops are making their way into classroom instruction to provide the most up-to-date research being conducted along with additional learning opportunities for our kids.


Next month, Devereux Colorado teaching staff will inventory our current collection and look to strengthen and broaden our selection through our Books for Education donation program. Coming soon: audio books!

Devereux Colorado, Cleo Wallace Teaching Staff

Our education staff continues to find success in their strong teamwork and unwavering commitment to our kids. With consistent training and feedback, the education staff has been able to meet the educational diversity and needs of our clients with increased consistency. (Thank you, educational staff!)


This year the Devereux Colorado, Cleo Wallace School successfully completed the accreditation process through the National Commission on Accreditation. Our school surpassed all of the encompassing criteria and responded to the detailed review thoroughly to receive endorsement. Additionally, the Colorado Department of Education successfully acknowledged and accredited our school program after passing a series of standards set by the state.

CDE Approved Facility Schools Curriculum

CDE approved facility schools curriculum will be rolling out later this fall in the Language Arts department followed by the much-anticipated MATH curriculum this upcoming spring. This helps support the movement of clients between facilities.


Bambi Haney has been an integral part of Devereux Colorado, The Cleo Wallace Center for 23 years. Since taking a supervisory position 2 years ago, Bambi has embraced and successfully implemented many of the leadership concepts developed by Devereux. She has exemplified supervisory excellence by investing in her team members’ development, both individually and as a group. Bambi’s unwavering enthusiasm and dedication to her personal growth as a leader and the growth of her team is not only impressive, but inspirational. Bambi, thank you for all your hard work and we are honored we get to work with you!

Congratulations, Bambi!

What is consistency? 

Sure, consistency is important for children, but what does consistency mean? Consistency means that rules and expectations remain the same. This helps create a predictable environment for children. It also alleviates any what could happen stress, which helps children better understand how to be accountable for their actions.

Why is consistency important?

  • Consistency provides children with a sense of security. Through this security, children will learn that they can rely on their parents to make sure their needs will be met.
  • A daily routine will help provide a calm, predictable home life. Examples: Bed times, meal schedules and school schedules.
  • Parents that are consistent with their children tend to experience fewer anxious moments.
  • Consistency helps children develop responsibility. When they understand what their parents expect from them, children can apply these expectations to make better decisions.
  • No means no. This mentality leads to children that are less likely to push boundaries or manipulate situations.

By providing a consistent environment for your kids it will help lead to a decrease in confusion, low self-esteem, anxiety and many other negative and often difficult coping mechanisms.

Suicide Prevention

Suicide is not easy to talk about. It is sad, uncomfortable and something a family never hopes to be confronted with. By talking about it early, suicide can be prevented. Today, September 5 is World Suicide Prevention Day. Spread the word, it’ll help more than you think!

Know of someone that needs help? Check out these resources below:





Remember, you’re not alone!

Did you know that Devereux Colorado is expanding into community based services? We are thrilled with the programs consistent growth over the past ten months. The Community Based Services (CBS) department has grown from two and a half staff to seventeen staff, making it one of the best, most attentive transition programs in Colorado. What are the programs we’re offering? Devereux Colorado has implemented 3 branches: employment training, individual transition services and in-home therapy.

Employment Training

  • The employment training program is designed to provide youth with the guidance needed to obtain and maintain employment. The program includes three tracks: Work Experience Program, Work Internship Program and Job Acquisition Coach. Dividing the program into tracks allows for the flexibility necessary to adequately meet the needs of each unique client.

Work Experience Program

The Work Experience Program (WEP) allows youth to work on the Devereux Colorado campus with a trained job coach.

Work Internship Program

The Work Internship Program (WIP) consists of internships within the community that allow clients to explore a variety of different possible career paths. A job coach works with both the client and the place of employment to help ensure success.

Job Acquisition Coach

The Job Acquisition Coach (JAC) works with clients to help them build upon the skills needed to acquire and maintain employment. The job coach will work with clients to support and guide them through the employment process: searching for jobs, applying, interviewing and transitioning into the new position.

Individual Transition Services

  • The individual transition services program provides support to youth and their families to help prevent out of home placement, placement disruption or assist youth as they transition from placement to home. These services are meant to help give the clients the necessary skills to function successfully within their community.

In-Home Therapy

  • The in-home therapy program allows for a client and their family to work with a clinician within the comforts of their own home.

Devereux Colorado is extremely excited about this new program. We are constantly looking for new companies within the Denver metro area to partner with, so if you’re interested or might know of someone who is, please email AHarden2@devereux.org. We look forward to hearing from you!